TPI lesson Flow

TPI Golf screening and training that is trusted by golfers around the world



TPI lesson Flow

[1] TPI golf screening (assessment)

12 tests to find out what you need to improve your swing, such as mobility or stability.

The Golf fitness handicap ranges from 0 ~ 36.
*PGA Tour Pros average a golf fitness handicap of 0.

[2] Create a personalized program

We will come up with a plan detailing what kind of exercises to do, how many times, and for how long.

There are more than 1,000 TPI exercises to choose from. We will select a combination of exercises that provides you with the best training possible.

[3] TPI Golf Training

Training with your own program.

The TPI trainer will guide you through the correct form and the proper resistance, so you can focus on training with ease.

[4] At home exercises

In addition to the exercises carried out with the trainer, we will also provide you with a program that you can do at home.

In order to effectively produce results with fewer session, TPI personal trainers will send you an email version of your program.

Track your progress with regular screenings!

TPI Golf screenings are performed every 4 weeks (approx.) in order to update the exercises and the degree of difficulty.



Jin Tokiwa

TPI Level 1 Fitness Professional
Foot Care Trainer (creating insoles)

With all the information collected by the Titleist Performance Institute, I have a very clear understanding of what a golfer's body requires. Many PGA Tour Pros have already implemented TPI training in their regiments. Give it a try.(Tokiwa)



TPI Level 2 Fitness Professional

The former Director of Fitness for the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy from 2008-2010. Began working at Como Golfers Academy in 2011.

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